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RKX Audi 3.0T PCV Assembly Repair Kit

RKX Audi 3.0T PCV Assembly Repair Kit


RKX™ 3.0T PCV valve repair kit

The RKX PCV valve is designed to be the MOST durable 3.0T PCV valve on the market!

Includes all needed parts to rebuild the 3.0T PCV / oil separator assembly.
VW & Audi do not sell this kit as a spare part. They want you to replace the entire assembly!

Our custom injection molded diaphragms are made from military grade Fluorocarbon (Viton) and designed to hold up under
the extreme conditions of your engine.
Rebuilding your PCV assembly is cost effective and easy!

Advantages of rebuilding the PCV assembly:

- Cost savings
-Higher quality and thicker material to maximize lifespan
- Retain high quality OEM PCV assembly
cheap aftermarket assemblies use inferior diaphragm materials
and are know to warp and leak.

PCV Diaphragm
PCV Cover

Fits all Supercharged 3.0T Audi engines

S4 2009 - 2016
A5 2010 - 2016
Q5 / SQ5 2013 - 2017
A6 2009 - 2017
A7 2012 - 2017
Q7 2010 - 2015

Will not Fit Audi 3.0L Naturally aspirated engines used from 2003 - 2006

Part number interchange:  06E103547AC, 06E 103 547AC, 06E103547AB, 06E 103 547AB, 06E 103 547Q, 06E103547Q, 06E 103 547, TFSI, CAKA, CTUC, CTVA

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