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RKX VW & Audi  2.0T TFSI  Upgraded PCV Valve Repair Kit

RKX VW & Audi 2.0T TFSI Upgraded PCV Valve Repair Kit


Genuine RKX® Upgraded PCV valve replacement kit.

Made in Germany!

RKX PCV valves are regarded as the highest quality valves on the market.

Designed to replace broken / ruptured PCV diaphragms on the 2.0T TFSI engine without having to replace the entire PCV assembly.

Our 2.0T diaphragm is our most advanced to date using a combination of
Fluorosilicone and fiber reinforcement to create the strongest valve we currently have!

Advantages of replacing only the PCV diaphragm:
- Cost savings
- Ultra durable construction designed to survive even highly modified / high boost applications
- Retain high-quality OEM PCV valve assembly (cheap aftermarket PCV assemblies are known to warp, cause oil leaks and blow check valves)

- RKX Indestructible PCV valve
- PCV Cap
- PCV spring guide
- Spare spring
(we recommend reusing your old spring whenever possible)

VW Jetta / GLI 2008.5 - 2014
VW Golf / GTI 2008.5 - 2015
VW Passat / CC 2008.5 - 2015
VW Tiguan 2008.5 - 2015
Audi A3 2008.5 - 2013
Audi TT 2008.5 - 2010
Audi A4 2.0t 2009-2015
Audi Allroad 2.0T 2013-2015
Audi A5 2.0T 2010-2015
Audi Q5 2.0T 2010-2015
Audi A6 2012-2015


Compatible with these PCV assemblies and more: 06H103495A, 06H 103 495A, 06H103495B, 06H 103 495B, 06H103495AK, 06H 103 495AK, 06H103495AE, 06H 103 495AE, 06H103495AC, 06H 103 495AC, oil separator assembly, 06K103495AG, 06K 103 495AG, 06K103495AT, 06K 103 495AT, 06K103495AG, 06K 103 495AG 06K103495R , 06K103495J

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