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Waxing Your Car At Home: What You Need To Know

Getting your car looking as good as new — or as close to new as possible — is easier than you might think. An at-home wax job might do the trick. Waxing your car does more than making it look shiny. It can also protect the exterior of your vehicle. The sun’s rays, dirt and mud, and weather can wreak havoc on your car’s paint job. But a simple wax job can protect against all of that harm.

For a show-room ready shine that will last, be sure to follow the steps below.

Select Your Wax

Before you begin waxing your car, you need to decide which type of wax you would like to use. There are thousands of products available today, but it boils down to three different categories of wax: paste, liquid, or spray wax.

Wash Your Car

Do not apply wax to a dirty car! The wax will not properly sit on your vehicle if it’s dirty. Moreover, the dust and dirt that sits on top of your car can scratch your paint. So, give your vehicle a good wash before waxing.

Read Product Instructions

Depending on the product you’ve selected, there may be specific directions you need to follow. So, before you start, make sure to read all the instructions on the back label of the product.

Begin Applying the Wax

Now that your car is squeaky clean and you’ve read up on instructions, you can begin applying the wax. Gather all your supplies and select an area to start waxing. Make sure you steer clear of using wax on your car’s lights, any plastic, and any other areas listed in the product directions.

Regardless of the type of wax you’ve selected, use small, circular motions to apply to the wax, making sure the layers are thin. To ensure you cover the entire surface of your car, work in horizontal or vertical rows.

Remove the Wax

Once the wax has dried, you can remove the wax with a clean, soft cloth. Again, use small, circular motions to buff away the wax gently. Once you’ve removed all the wax, a shiny and glossy surface is revealed. Step back and enjoy your hard work.

Tips When Applying Wax

Here are a few tips you may find helpful when waxing your vehicle:

  • Avoid applying wax in extreme heat or freezing temperatures. Ideally, wax applications are done on a mild day.
  • To avoid potentially contaminates (birds, wind-blown leaves, etc.), work inside a garage.
  • Wondering which type of wax to use? It depends on your preference. Paste wax is most challenging to use (of the three) but generally provides the best results. Spray wax is typically the fastest to apply, make sure you shake well before using. Liquid wax is somewhere in the middle of these, also remember to shake well before using.

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