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Six Reasons Why You Should Get Your Car Waxed

With winter on our doorstep, you may be bracing your vehicle for getting splattered with snow, ice, dirt, and mud. Washing your car is great, but once the next storm arrives, it gets hit with more debris. Don’t let it happen again.

Here are six reasons why waxing your car protects your car from winter’s brutal stain. 

1. Protects from Airborne Contaminants

As stated above, several contaminants affect your vehicle’s paint job. Other things that can damage your car are bugs, acid rain, and other corrosive materials that settle into your paint and etch or scratch it. The only solution is to repaint. A layer of wax creates a barrier between the paint and any debris that hits it. Instead, they become embedded in the wax, not your car.

2. Keeps that Shine

You’ve seen it time and time again—cars look shiny and beautiful all year and then winter hits and bam! That shine is gone. Why not keep it year-round with wax? Your vehicle will stand out among the dirty and grimy cars next to you. Getting a carnauba wax offers terrific depth and clarity to showcase your shine all year long.

3. Makes Washing Easier

Waxing your car makes for a more effortless wash. When you eventually get bugs, dirt, mud, and grime, it may take a longer wash or even a full detail to get rid of all the debris off your car’s paint. With wax, the wash becomes more effective so that you can get a pure wash. 

4. Prevents Paint Chips

Cars get pelted by tiny rocks and stones thrown up from dump trucks all the time. The great thing about wax is that it smoothes the paint surface, reducing the friction between the debris and your car. Any tiny debris will slide off your car instead of damaging it. To save your car from becoming a victim of little rock and paint chips on the highway, which can be expensive and unsightly looking, apply a layer of wax and forget about it.

5. Fills in Scratches

Even though wax won’t remove car scratches, it can fill some of them in so you can’t see them. Of course, to get rid of scratches, it’s best to remove them, but if that’s not possible at this time, filling them in doesn’t require removing any clear coat.

6. Prevents Other Damage

Corrosive substances have a better chance of damaging the clear coat on your car (the finish on top that seals the paint), which exposes the paint below. It also makes it harder to clean the car if you have to rub and scrub it, thus risking scratches or rubbing the clear coat into the paint—especially if you have a dark car.


How Often Should I Wax My Car?

Depending on how much you use your car, you may only need to wax it once or twice a year. Harsh winter climates expose your vehicle to snow, rain, and road salt. In the summer, you may deal with tree sap, bird droppings, leaves from storms, and ultraviolet rays. If you don’t protect your car in a carport or garage, consider waxing every three to four months.  

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