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Finally an affordable direct injector replacement O ring for VW and Audi engines.

We have been asked many times in the past to come up with an affordable injector O ring alternative to the dealer kits. Up until now if you wanted to replace injector O rings say after pulling your intake manifold to clean your intake valves the only way to acquire said O rings was to purchase the entire kit from the dealer at a cost of up to $18 per injector! Now the injector rebuild kits that come from the dealer are useful when needed, but the majority of time all you need is the O ring. 

As an injector O ring is a vital part to vehicle safety we opted to go a bit overboard and make these out of aerospace grade fluorosilicone. This rubber is more chemical resistant to corrosive fuels than most other types of rubber. This means the seals can be use in E85, Race fuel, and even jet fuel if that's your thing :)


We currently have kits to cover 2005 -2018 2.0T and 1.8t (gen 3) engines available.

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