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What We Can Do For You

Located in the booming city of Pleasant Grove, UT, RKX Tech specializes in unique, quality car parts for European vehicles, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes Benz for a reasonable price. Our mission is to provide our customers with products they otherwise couldn't find.

The founder was a VW and Audi technician, therefore, has years of experience and a love for working on these cars. Fueled by his passion as a mechanic, he wanted to help fill the need for hard-to-acquire products. 

Why Choose Us

Because of the relationship we have with other companies, we can find the parts that are not typically available for purchase or not available for a reasonable price. This service is what helps us stand out. Not only are we committed to finding unique car parts, but we also excel in discovering new parts to assist in repairing and modifying your vehicle.

We also offer free shipping for all products over $20. (America only)  

Products We Carry  

We carry a variety of parts, with several options in which to choose, along with instruction manuals and videos. Some of these parts include:

We also carry emblems and apparel to express your passion for VW or Audi vehicles and master valve core and core cap repair kits.

Instruction Manuals & Videos

To ensure you have the full knowledge of our products, we offer helpful instruction manuals and videos, which includes: 

V1 (purchased before September 2019) 

- RKX Precision Diverter valve Instruction Manual PDF -

V2- (purchased after September 2019)

- RKX Precision Diverter Valve Instruction Manual V2.0 PDF-


-RKX Hybrid Diverter Valve Instruction Manual PDF-

Our videos include:

Wiper blade Videos 

Vacuum pump videos

PCV, Gas Caps, AC Valves, Etc.

What We Can do for You

When you contact us for a particular part, we will do our utmost best to ensure it's available to purchase. We will give you 10% off your entire first purchase when you subscribe - a great deal! We include amazing deals in your subscription - ones you won’t want to miss!

Our popular brands also include Behr and Tyco, among others, so you know you’re getting the best we have to offer. And with a 90-day warranty for commercial vehicles, you’re covered for any defective or malfunctioning product at no charge, or we will provide a refund instead of replacing the product. We will also warranty the replacement product if replaced under this warranty. 

Because of our technical background, we also stand committed to offering superior professional help on all our products.

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any questions, requests, or technical issues, we invite you to contact us. We will do our best to help with your request and address any questions or concerns you have. Our experienced staff is available today, so don’t hesitate to call us!

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