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How to replace the Range rover / sport / velar pinion seal L405 L494 L560

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It was not too long ago that if you owned a Range Rover about 2014 and newer and had a leaking pinion seal you could not get the part! Land Rover wanted you to replace the entire differential! After a few years of hefty repair bills land rover finally released a service kit for this seal.

The big issue was that according to JLR you needed to remove the entire diff, crack it open and press out bearings to do this! What would be a 1 hour job in any normal 4x4 is a 10+ hour job in a range rover. 

At RKX we were annoyed by this as a leaking pinion seal is a very common issue and really should not be that difficult. After some trial and error we have developed a way to reliably replace this seal with the diff still in the vehicle.

Doing this does take a little extra work as the biggest issue is the pinion seal nut. In most vehicles the pinion seal nut has a torque spec that can easily be set during reassembly. On the range rover there is no torque spec. This is because you are "supposed to" torque the pinion nut until it just starts to deform the spacer hiding behind the bearing, but we have discovered this spacer can easily be retorqued several times without loosing its ability to perform. Now if your on your 5th pinon seal and have never replaced it you probably should, but for 99% of people that are dealing with a leaking seal for the first or second time you will be just fine. 

In order to do this you will need to mark your pinion seal nut to the splined shaft. This is so when you reassemble you can torque the nut back to exactly where it was before removal. If you are replacing the nut then you will need to transfer the marks onto the new pinion seal nut. 

We have made a video documenting the whole process. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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