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How to remove the Audi TT MK3 (2014 - 2022) front bumper cover

Here is a quick video we made on how to remove the Audi TT mk3 front bumper cover.

This is a quick and easy job. After you have done this one time you can easily remove the bumper cover in under 10 minutes. While we hoisted the car for this video you do not even need to jack up the front of the vehicle to remove the front bumper cover, but it will make access to the screws under the bumper a bit easier. Here is a quick break down of the procedure.

  • Start by turning your steering wheel all the way to the right.
  • Remove 4 T25 Screws in the left wheel liner
  • Turn the wheels to the left and repeat the procedure for the right side fender liner
  • Under the front bumper remove 4 T25 screws (2 on the left 2 on the right)
  • Under the front bumper remove 3 T30 screws near the center of the bumper
  • Under the hood press the button on the backside of the hood release and pull straight up to remove it
  • Undo 6 push clips and remove the front bumper top cover
  • Find the 2 T25 bumper alignment screws under the top cover area.
  • Mark the notch position before removal to make alignment easier when going back together.
  • Remove the 2 T25 bumper alignment screws
  • Pull straight out on the bumper cover where it meets the fender on each side to release the side clips
  • Carefully pull the whole front bumper cover back
  • With the front bumper cover pulled back undo any electrical harnesses and washer lines. A quick tip on washer lines is that you can use some vise grips to pinch off the line to prevent your washer fluid revivor from emptying.
  • At this point the front bumper cover should be completely free from the vehicle.



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