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How to reduce the VW atlas torque converter transmission noise when accelerating

If you own a 2018 - 2020 Volkswagen Atlas with the VR6 (V6 3.2L) engine you have probably heard the racket that the car makes when driving at low speeds. This noise is often described as a rattling, metallic noise, rusty bolt in a tin can, grinding.. you get the idea.

The sound comes from the torque converter and is most prevalent at low speeds and low engine load. If you go to the dealer they will assure you that the noise you are hearing is "normal".

Sometime in 2020 VW implemented a fix for this issue by installing rubber covers in the transmission bell housing to try and keep the sound more isolated. What this means is now those with 2018 through early 2020 V6 Atlas now have a solution for the noise. 

The covers will greatly help reduce the noise so you can dive in peace again and not have strangers from a block away looking for the car with the rusty bolt in a tin can driving around. One thing to note is that the these simply help reduce the noise they do not eliminate it completely!

You can find the parts here!

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