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Finally an air intake for the Audi Q7 3.0T supercharged engine!

RKX 3.0 cold air intake hose made from silicone installed on and Audi Q7 2011-2015

If you have been around Audi for any amount of time then you know one of the most beloved engines for reliability and tuning is the 3.0T supercharged powerplant.

For after market upgrade parts almost all of the love goes to the S platform cars like the S4 or SQ5, but the reality is the 3.0T engine used in the Q7 is identical to the ones used in those applications with most of the differences in output being related to software detuning. 

With a few bolt on mods and a tune you can have your self a screaming fast family hauler with supercharger whine for days!

Knowing the the Q7 is the unloved platform when it comes to these mods we set out to make them happen and the first of our offerings is a silicone intake hose.

The OEM intake that Audi uses on the Q7 is quiet restrictive with large resonators built into it to help reduce supercharge noise with a tradeoff of turbulent airflow. The RKX intake hose is completely smooth on the inside for turbulent free flowing goodness. Since our intake is made from silicone rather than metal you also get the benefit of superior heat rejection. The RKX hose also features wire reinforcement to prevent hose collapse in even the highest output builds out there. 

The RKX air intake hose is designed to mount directly to the stock air box with no modifications. The install takes about 5 minutes and is so simple your mom could do it! Retaining the stock airbox allows for superior heat rejection along with the factory cold air intake routing. The other advantage to running the stock airbox is that you can easily tune how loud your intake is by removing sections of it. This lets you go from the mild increase you will get in sound for our hose alone all the way up to wild loud supercharge whine that we all love. 

This part is available exclusively from and can be found HERE


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