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Fix a leaking Volvo XC90 , S80 4.4L V8 power steering pump; the cheap and easy way

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Up until now if you had a leaking power steering pump in your Volvo XC90 or S80 with the 4.4L V8 your only option was to replace it with a very expensive new pump! This issue was brought to our attention by a local shop EPR Motorsports. They had mentioned that they had seen quite a few of these fail over the years and that the part  was quite expensive.

The way these pumps fail is that the internal seals get old and hard. This results in the pump leaking oil onto the engine sometimes in mass quantity. Because of the location of the pump the oil that leaks out can spread and pool making it look like other areas might by leaking as well. If you power steering pump leaks oil out when parked you can also get quite a bit of power steering whine at startup as the internals of the pump are now filled with air that must work its way out. Also if this goes on long enough you can get constant whining from low fluid level.

After receiving this information we knew what we had to do, make a reseal kit! Luckily as far as rebuilds go this is a nice straightforward repair once the pump is out of the vehicle. No specialty tools are required. The rebuild will take the average Joe about 10 minutes to preform and will reduce the parts cost of the repair by 90% saving you or your customer money and saving a perfectly good part from the landfill.

As always this kit is available exclusively from RKX and you can find it HERE



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