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How to rebuild a leaking Jaguar F-Type, F-Pace, XE, 3.0L V6 5.0L V8 Vacuum pump

Is your Jag leaking oil? If so there is a pretty good chance its coming from the vacuum pump.

A leaking vacuum pump is one of the most common oil leaks on the JLR 3.0L and 5.0L engines. The good news is that this is an easy repair with the RKX vacuum pump rebuild kit for the JLR 3.0L V6, 5.0L V8 engines.

Another good thing is that this repair is basically identical on all Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles from 2010 - 2022 that use the 3.0L V6 supercharged engine, 5.0L V8 naturally aspirated and supercharged engine. If you know how to rebuild one you know how to rebuild them all!

The removal process is simple and best done from under the vehicle. Start by removing the underbody trays, next disconnect the vacuum line connected to the pump and then remove the 2 bolts holding the pump to the engine block.

We recommend doing this repair during an oil change as you will lose about 1 quart of engine oil if the oil is not drained first. 

Once the pump is remove the rebuild is dead simple, remove the cover plate, lean the internals and install the new RKX gasket, and then torque the cover plate bolts to spec (10 Nm) 

Next remove the vacuum port, clean the surfaces and remove and replace the O ring. Torque the bolt to spec (5 Nm)

Last move on to the rear of the pump, Remove the main sealing gasket as well as the small oil feed port O ring. Clean the surfaces thoroughly and install the new gaskets. 

When reinstalling the pump you will need to make sure that the notch in the back side of the pump lines up with the corresponding notch in the engine block. After they are lined up reinstall the 2 bots and torque to spec (10 Nm). 

Finally reconnect your vacuum line, install the under trays and top off the engine oil. 

This job can be done in about 30 minutes by a trained technician with the right tools. 

As always if you have any questions feel free to reach out. We are always happy to help.

Here is a how to video we made. The car filmed is a 2016 Jaguar F-Type S with a V6, but again the process is almost identical on all of the compatible vehicles. 


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