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RKX Precision spark plug gaper tool set

RKX Precision spark plug gaper tool set


The RKX spark plug gapping tool makes setting exact spark plug gap a simple and easy job. The design of the tool allows for various lengths of spark plugs to be inserted and gapped. The included feeler gauge feature both standard and metric measurements to accommodate a wide array of spark plug gaps. This set includes 3 adapters which fit the most common spark plugs sizes today: M10, M12, and M14.

- M10x1.25mm Spark Plug Gapping Tool
- M12x1.25mm Spark Plug Gapping Tool
- M14x1.25mm Spark Plug Gapping Tool
- Feeler Gauge Set with Metric and Standard Measurements

Compatible with most spark plugs that use an M10, M12, M14 thread size.

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