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RKX flannel backed tape has many automotive uses such as wiring harness looms car audi engine bays ect

RKX Fabric Wiring Harness Loom Tape


RKX Premium Flannel Backed Tape (FBT)

- 3/4 inch width (19mm)
- 50 feet long (15m)
 - Abrasion resistant flannel backing
- Pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive
- Flame resistant
- Temperatures up to 225°F ( 107°C)
- Remains extremely flexible even below freezing 

RKX fabric tape is primarily used in the automotive industry to wrap wire harness, but literally has hundreds of uses! 

Keep your installs and wire repairs looking OEM. Helps reduce abrasion of wires as well as noise from rattling. 
The pressure sensitive adhesive allows your easily reposition the tape until you are ready for placement. Our fabric tape is rated to be used in applications up to 225°F and is flame resistant. Please note RKX  tape is not designed to be used near open flames or to prevent fire.

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