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Signs Your Transmission is Going Out

The transmission is a very vital part of a car—it is the mechanism that transmits power from the engine to the wheels, propelling the car forward.

Transmission repairs can be costly.

If you are noticing any of the following symptoms in regard to your transmission, take your car into the shop. Acting sooner rather than later may help you save your transmission. A complete transmission replacement can be pretty pricey. Having your transmission go out on your completely can be very dangerous. If your car cannot accelerate or shift gears, driving will be impossible.

Learn the warning signs to avoid the potential disaster of a faulty transmission. If you aren’t comfortable driving your car with a transmission going out, have it towed to the shop.

1. Transmission Slipping

If your car seems like it’s struggling or is having trouble accelerating, your automatic transmission may be slipping. This means that you’ll be driving in a certain gear and it will change to another gear for no reason. Your car will feel suddenly underpowered. It may have trouble starting all together. These are all bad signs for your transmission.

2. Trouble Changing Gears

Is your car refusing to change gears? If your gear shifting isn’t as smooth as it once was, it is probably your transmission. You may hear a thud when your car does gear shifts, or you may notice your car having trouble accelerating. If you cannot easily and smoothly change gears, there is a problem with your transmission.

3. Fluid Leaking

Transmission fluid leaking is a bad sign. A transmission is sealed and should never be leaking. If you notice any fluid leaking from your car, it’s important to find the source of that leaking. Transmission fluid is either red or brown. If you find that it is your transmission leaking, take your car into an auto body shop. Just refilling the fuel won’t solve the problem long term. Leaking and overfilling can lead to a bigger transmission issue and even lead to needing to replace your transmission.

4. Warning Light Goes On

If your transmission needs checking, your “check engine” light will go on. This, of course, could mean several things. But if your “check engine” light goes on and you are experiencing other symptoms relating to your transmission—this is a sure sign that you should take your car into the auto shop. Your car’s warning light is tied to a computer in your car that is generating an error code. When you take your car into the shop, they can find the problem that set off this light based on the error code. The code for transmission problems is P0700.

5. Delayed Engagement

A delayed engagement means a delay as your car engages in driving. If your car is struggled to start moving forward, there is likely a problem. As you shift from park into drive, if there is a long pause or if the engine revs but the car is delayed in moving forward, your transmission is struggling.

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