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New product development updates

Hi everybody this is Ryan, owner of RKX. We are starting up a blog and will regularly update it with news and articles. I am not a man of many words so I will keep my posts short and to the point.  

In the past few months RKX has been growing faster than we had ever expected. You may have noticed we have not been posting new products, videos, or pictures. This is because we have been busy working on "boring stuff".  We found our internal inventory tracking / kitting systems was not scalable with our growth. As a result we have been spending all of our free time building up our backend to support us well into the future.

We have several new products in the works that will start rolling out shortly. Since we launched our first Audi 3.0t Silicone intakes late last year we have had numerous request for an affordable Audi C7 A6 / A7 option. We are finishing up testing on our prototype and expect to have these ready to ship by mid April 2019! 

As always if you have any product Ideas please shoot them our way. Many of our products are a direct result of feedback from our customers! 

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