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RKX Hyundai & Kia Gas cap replacement seal

RKX Hyundai & Kia Gas cap replacement seal


Genuine RKX Gas cap seal for Hyundai / Kia applications

Made from high quality nitrile rubber

Advantages of replacing just the gas cap seal:

-More affordable
- Retain high quality OEM cap with theater
- Avoid gas cap warning lights from using aftermarket caps

This is a common failure point that can cause check engine lights for evap leaks and other faults.

Common fault codes such as P0440 / 16824, P0456 / 16840, P0442 / 16826, P0455 / 16839.

This part is guaranteed to work as designed it, is not guaranteed to fix your problem.

Proper diagnosis is required!

Don't settle for aftermarket caps that cause more problems than they solve!

Reseal your factory cap!


The RKX seal has been designed and tested to work with a wide range of gas caps manufactured by Hyundai and Kia.

It is compatible with most OEM Hyundai and Kia gas caps used between 2001 - 2019

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