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RKX Gas cap replacement seal for Subaru

RKX Gas cap replacement seal for Subaru


RKX Gas cap seal for Subaru applications

Made from high quality nitrile rubber

This is a common failure point that can case check engine lights for evap leaks and other faults.

Common fault codes are P0440  / 16824, P0456 / 16840, P0442 / 16826, P0455 / 16839.

Don't settle for aftermarket caps that cause more problems than they solve!

Reseal your factory cap!

 The RKX seal has been designed and tested to work with a wide range of gas caps manufactured by Subaru.

It is compatible with most caps used between 2008 - 2016

 Please study pictures carefully!


Advantages of replacing just the gas cap seal:

- More affordable

- Retain high quality OE cap with theater

- Avoid gas cap warning lights from using aftermarket caps

 Partial list of compatible part numbers: 42031AJ000 42031AG000


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