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2X RKX Coolant Hose O ring VW Audi Coolant flange heater core connection coupler

2X RKX Coolant Hose O ring VW Audi Coolant flange heater core connection coupler


RKX set of 2 premium coolant line quick connector O ring seals.

Direct replacement for most VW & Audi quick disconnects commonly used for heater core connections and various other connections. The dealer does not sell this as a spare part! They want to sell you an entire hose!

Made from our proprietary military grade highly saturated nitrile rubber. These seals are designed to be tougher and more chemical resistant than OEM. One of the biggest problems with these seals is the type of rubber VAG uses. In order to save money they have opted for a rubber that is not resistant to many chemicals found in and around the engine which prematurely compromise the seal and cause coolant leaks.


2 - RKX premium highly saturated nitrile O rings


Volkswagen and Audi:
These O rings will fit most heater core / coolant flange quick disconnect couplings used from 2000 - 2022 The inside diameter of these connections will measure approximately 28mm. 

This will not fit larger radiator inlet / outlet quick couplers
Please study the pictures carefully. If you need assistance please contact us.

Partial list of known compatible coupling part numbers:
3B0122291B, 1J0122157P, 1J0122291D, 1J0122157EM
3B0122291B, 1J0122291B, 1J0122157EM, 1J0122073BG
1K0122073FN, 8E1819373R, 1K0122157HH, 8L9121073C
8K1819373AE, 1K0122291R, 8K1819371AB, 8E1819373R
8D0819371AB, 8R0819371E, 4B0819371L, 4B0819373K
1K0122157EN, 1C0122157AN, 1C0122157AL, 8E1819371T
1J0121156AT, 1K0122073FE, 1J0122291C, 7M0122291
3C0121156AA, 1J0122157FE, 1J0122073BN

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