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Why Do You Need to Change the Oil in Your Car?

Car Care

Changing your oil should be a regular part of your car’s routine maintenance. How often you need to change your oil will differ depending on the car and its use. As a standard rule, a car’s oil should be changed out about every 7,000 miles or about every six months. However, most vehicles will have specific recommendations in their owner’s manuals.

Still on the fence about why it’s important to change your car’s oil regularly? Today, we’re sharing what changing your oil can do for your car and why you shouldn’t go too long without changing yours.  

Improves Gas Mileage

Changing your oil provides better lubrication for your car which means a decrease in fuel consumption—or better gas mileage. According to the US Department of Energy, routine oil changes can help the average vehicle to save a gallon of gas a year or about 1-2%. That may not seem like much but as gas prices rise over the years, it can add up.

Increases Vehicles Longevity

Performing routine maintenance for your car will help it to last longer—this includes changing the oil regularly. Old oil can build up dirty, decrease the vehicles fuel economy, and make internal components work harder to perform. Your vehicle is much more likely to experience engine problems without routine oil changes. Increase your car’s lifespan and its resale value by simply changing the oil routinely.

Cools Engine

When engine components lack proper lubrication, friction is created. This can lead to heating the engine. When clean and sufficient amounts of oil are maintained in the vehicle, the engine can remain cool and function at its highest capacity.

Maintains Lubrication

There are many moving parts to a vehicle that need lubrication. Many of these parts are moving at high speeds which can cause parts to wear down quickly. Your owner’s manual will likely intercut what kind of and how much oil you need.  

Removes Particles and Sludge

Old oil can get dirty and build up sludge. Dirt particles are not good for engines. Over time, sludge and dirt can build up and causes problems in the engine. As oil breaks down, it turns into sludge. Keep your engine clean with routine oil and filter changes will help your vehicle in many ways.

Changing your oil regularly is extremely important to the health of your car. You can take it into the shop to have it done in about an hour, or you can change the oil yourself. You will need to invest in a few tools if you decide to go the DIY route but being able to change your car’s oil is a useful skill that will help you keep on top of your car’s maintenance for years. 

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