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Gas Cap Seals 101

What is a gas cap seal?

Gas cap seals, also known as a fuel filler cap, are important components in a car or truck. The gas cap seal prevents dirt, debris, dust, and other potential problems from entering the gas tank. A reliable seal is extremely important to keep your gas tank clear.

Though it may not seem like a vital part of a car, the gas cap seal does impact your car. A high-quality gas cap seal can ensure that your fuel stays in your gas tank and keeps your car running efficiently.

Gasoline is very volatile—it vaporizes at room temperature. Because gasoline vaporizes so easily, it is important to have a tight gas cap seal to ensure there isn’t a leak from the gas tank. This will also help with fuel economy. A good gas cap seal means that you actually use the gas you pay for at the pump. Gas caps improve safety, increase fuel economy, and reduce emissions.

When is it time to replace your gas cap seal?

Like any part of your car, a gas cap can be worn out or broken. So, how can you tell when it’s time to replace your gas cap seal? There are a few signs to look for:

  • There is a smell of fuel—when the gas cap seal is getting worn down or has been damaged, there may be fuel vapors coming from the gas tank. It may be leaking from the filler neck. If you notice the smell of gasoline from fuel vapors escaping from the tank.
  • The check engine light is on—your check engine light can go on for many reasons, one of them is the gas cap seal. The gas cap is part of the evaporate emission system, which means it can cause serious issues if felt undealt with. A faulty gas cap seal can cause an evaporate system leak—which your car’s computer will detect, leading to your check engine light turning on.  
  • The gas cap is not tightly sealing—a gas cap should be designed to click once it’s tightened completely. When a cap is popping loose, not fully tightening, or not clicking into place, it may be a sign that the gas cap is wearing down.

RKX Tech and Gas Cap Seals

RKX Tech provides gas cap seals for European and Asian models. The RKX gas cap seals for Honda and Acura are made from high-quality nitrile rubber, which ensures a reliable seal. RKX also makes Mercedes gas caps that fi most 2001-2016—this gas cap uses double lip style seal made with the same nitrile rubber.

If you need a better gas cap seal for your car, contact us at RKX Tech. We create high-quality gas cap seals that ensure your fuel efficiency and your car’s safety. 

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