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RKX HOW TO: 2.0T TSI Vacuum Pump rebuild for VW GTI, GLI, Passat, Audi A3, tt

We have a new video in our how to series on rebuilding the 2.0T TSI vacuum pump with the RKX premium vacuum pump rebuild kit. Our kit has just been updated for 2020 and now features our DLT style gasket for the ultimate seal. Stop your Volkswagen and Audi Vacuum pump from leaking oil and leaving a mess. 

The TSI (TFSI for Audi) pump is a little different than many of the other vacuum pumps. The front cover plate is not a flat cover like most others. Instead it is more of a cup and houses the internal rotating vanes / rotor. This adds a little complexity to the rebuild, but not by much. The most important thing to remember is to not completely remove the vacuum pump cover plate while it is still on the vehicle. The pump must be removed from the engine in order to disassemble and reassemble it. 

You Can find a link to the kit HERE






VW Jetta / GLI 2008.5 - 2014

VW Golf / GTI  2008.5 - 2015

VW Passat / CC  2008.5 - 2015

VW Tiguan  2008.5 - 2015

Audi A3  2008.5 - 2013

Audi TT  2008.5 - 2010


Does not fit the 2.0T used in the A4, A6, Q5 or the FSI 2.0T used before 2008


Part Number interchange info: 06J 145 100 P, WHT005184. WHT 005 184, 06H 103 121F, 06H103121F, 06H 103 121 F, 06H103121J, 06H 103 121J, 06H 103 121 J, 06H145100AK, 06H 145 100 AK, 06H 145 100AK, 06H145100AB, 06H 145 100 AB, 06H 145 100AB, 06H145100AD, 06H 145 100 AD, 06H 145 100AD

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