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RKXtech Shop 997 gets a ducktail


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Please note RKXtech llc is in no way affiliated with any of the vendors of this product and this review has not been sponsored or paid for.

I have been eyeing up a ducktail for the shop 997 for some time. I have always gravitated towards the flying ducktail in the fixed position as I really liked the style (not overly huge), but if any of you have tried to come across one at the time of writing this you know its basically impossible. 

I then stumbled across a very similar version being sold by Baysonr minus the cutout for the 3rd brake light for a very reasonable price. I am also now seeing this appears to be made in china and available from other vendors. 

So anyways I took the risk and ordered the part with low expectations. The part arrived and I quickly could tell that it would need some serious work to make it acceptable. I took it to my body guy who looked it over and though it would be possible to get perfect, but would take quite a bit of time.

Well 3 weeks later he had it done. He said it took him considerable time to get everything nice and flat with no high or low spots and to get all of the pinholes filled. He also had to spray it twice to get the color match perfect. The end results were defiantly worth it! The fitment is good the only real notable larger than normal panel gap is along the top, edge towards with rear glass. I should also note that I am running this fixed in place. I did not replace the wiring harness, but rather sealed up the connector and tied the harness up and out of sight. With a quick coding change to fixed spoiler there are no issues or warnings for a brake light out. As a final install detail I replaced all of the grill bolts with 4x16mm stainless steel hardware. 

I will say that overall I am happy with the results. I would have very much preferred to pickup a carbon fiber flying ducktail, but sometimes beggars cant be choosers. If you do order this Make sure you have a decent body guy lined!

tl;dr: The ducktail fits good out of the box, but will need quite a bit of bodywork to make perfect so budget accordingly!

 Better pictures will come when weather permits

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